In Columbia County the Democratic Party’s organizational arm is the County Democratic Committee

 Every four years, in the same electoral period as the Gubernatorial election, Democrats in each Town, Township and Borough in the County cast votes for or write in the names of people in their municipality to be their representatives to the County Democratic Committee.  

The number of Committee people allowed per municipality is determined by population; the minimum allowed being two.  

In the same month that the Governor takes the oath of office the newly elected, or re-elected, Committee members choose a Board consisting of a Chair-person, Vice-chair, Secretary and Treasurer with whom they will work for the next four years.

Other Elected and Appointed Offices


CCDC Representative to the State Democratic Committee - Dwayne Heisler


 It is the responsibility of The County Representative to the State committee to act as a conduit for information between the State and County Committees. 

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The Committee Members


This drop-down list is designed so that you can know who your representative to the County Democratic Committee is and to be able to get in touch with that person or persons. If there is no name next to your Township or Borough that means that your municipality needs a committee-person. However; do not be discouraged . Everyone on this list or on the board is willing to help you and will be more than happy to do so. If you are interested in learning more about the role of a committee-person feel free to ask.

Serving Democratic Officials

County Commissioner-David Kovach


 Administrative  powers and duties of county commissioners encompass registration and  elections, assessment of persons and property, human services, emergency  management, veterans’ affairs,appointment of county personnel and  fiscal management. 

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Prothonotary - Barbara Silvetti



The Prothonotary is an elected Constitutional office in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Prothonotary is the Clerk of the Civil Division of the Court of Common Pleas and  is involved with non-criminal court records and filings, exclusive of property deed recording and wills (and marriage licenses)  and is  the keeper/clerk of the civil records/division for the court.

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Register of Wills and Recorder of Deeds- Brenda Lupini


The Register of Wills and Recorder of Deeds is responsible for recording numerous documentsrelating to real estate transfers for public record and probating decedent estates. It is also responsible for collecting State realty Tax and State Inheritance Tax as an Agent of the Commonwealth

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County Auditor-Luther Black


 The auditors must audit, adjust and settle the accounts of the tax collector, district justice and all officers of the borough. They may also audit the accounts of any person, organization or agency receiving or spending borough funds.  

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County Sheriff - Timothy Chamberlain



The Columbia County Sheriff's Office has a long tradition of providing excellence in service to the citizens of Columbia County. Timothy is proud of the services and programs that our deputies provide to maintain safety and provide education for all that live in Columbia County.

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Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee (PADSC)

The Pennsylvania Democratic State  Committee (PADSC) is the governing body of the Pennsylvania Democratic  Party. Founded in 1792, the Committee is responsible for directing and  promoting the guiding principles and core values of the Democratic  Party. 

The PADSC, whose members are elected to four-year terms  meets three times each year. They elect a Chair, members of the  Executive Board, hold nominating conventions for statewide candidates,  pass and promote a platform, pass resolutions, and perform other party  business. Under Chairman Jack Hanna, the professional staff raises money  and coordinates strategies to elect Democrats up and down the ballot  across the commonwealth. 

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Democratic National Committee (DNC)


For nearly 170 years, the  Democratic National Committee has been responsible for governing the  Democratic Party, making it the oldest continuing party committee in the  United States of America. Today, the DNC plans the Party’s presidential  nominating convention and promotes the Democratic Platform which is the  statement of core principles at the heart of our Party. The DNC also  raises money, hires staff, and coordinates support candidates throughout  the country for local, state, and national offices. Additionally, the  DNC works with various constituencies to respond to the needs and views  of the country.

The  DNC is composed of the chairs and vice-chairs of each state Democratic  Party Committee and over 200 members elected by Democrats in all 50  states and territories of the United States of America.

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