Get Involved

The Columbia County Democratic Party depends on volunteers just like you !


 If you’re  confused about what it means to volunteer let me give you some examples. We are broken down into sub-committees, each of which has its own areas to cover. 

For a list of our sub-committees please read the section below for descriptions of what roles they play in the Party and in the Community. Below each committee description is the name of the committee chair. It is interactive and it will open an e-mail page so you can ask for more details or to volunteer.  


If being a Committee-person or a sub-Committee seems like it would take more time than you have to give remember that all you need to join any sub-committee is to be a registered Democrat. You can give us a call or send us an e-mail and we can discuss how you can pitch in. We have jobs for everyone.

Few of us really get to experience the joy of helping others. It is a great gift you can give yourself.


If you wish to lend your support get in touch

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 The  Activities Committee does a critical and interesting job. Throughout the year the  CCDC attends many local events and, once again we need you to staff the  booth, possibly to hand out our candidate’s campaign literature but  also to discuss why you are a Democrat and why you think our Government  needs a strong and vibrant Democratic Party.

Jessica Brittain- Chair 


 The  Bloomsburg Fair committee helps the sub-committee chair with planning  and staffing the CCDC presence at the Bloomsburg Fair. This annual event is a very important part of the CCDC's mission. It serves as a fund raiser in very enjoyable surroundings and it gives our Democratic candidates a chance to meet potential voters up close and personal

Vince DeMelfi -chair


The goals of the  Campaign Subcommittee are to do all possible to encourage Democratic registrations, and to work with qualified Democratic candidates for election.

Jill Carlson


The job of the Finance & Fundraising Subcommittee to devise various ways and means to raise money to keep the County Committee in good financial state.

Chris DeFrain


 The  Public Relations committee helps to share our message and get it out to  the general public. The PR committee oversees this web-site and other  electronic and written  media. It works with candidates and the rest of  the CCDC to keep our Democratic message getting out where it can do the  most good. 

Belinda Madden


The mission of the Recruitment Subcommittee is to assist the Chair in recruiting qualified candidates for vacancies in the County Committee, for local, county and state offices, and in recruiting volunteers for Committee events and political campaigns.

Dwayne Heisler