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Elections held on the years between Congressional Election years are called "Off Year Elections"

The term "Off Year' gives the mistaken impression that they are not as important as the Presidential and Congressional races. That's not true. The candidates chosen in the so-called  'Off Year' elections are the people that most directly effect you. Your County Commissioner and other elected County officials have a great deal to do with your immediate quality of life and decide how your taxes are spent. Your township or Borough supervisor drives the same roads that you drive and they are the ones who are responsible for maintaining them. Judges make decisions that may directly impact your life. Your school board members make decisions that profoundly effect your children. 

 It is unfortunate that so few people vote in these elections but there is one benefit to that. Because the number of voters is  small your vote counts more. We are presenting these candidates in time for you to check their record and make up your mind. Then, on Election Day Please 


County-wide Democratic Candidates for Primary Race -May 21

Running for Re-election as County Commissioner-David Kovach


During his 4 terms in office Dave has been an extremely active Commissioner. In addition to working extremely well  for the good of Columbia County, alongside his co-commissioners, he can be seen at every activity from Eagle Scout Inductions to ground-breaking for many of the new Columbia County projects he has helped to facilitate.

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In the May 21st Primary Election Democratic voters will be given a choice among the present Commissioner and any write-ins that may request your vote. The top two vote getters will be entitled to run in the November General Election.

So far only Tim Burke has announced to the county Democratic Committee that he intends to run as a write in.Check back from time to time for any updates.

Running as a write-in Candidate for County Commissioner - Tim Burke


Tim Burke is the Mayor of Berwick Pennsylvania which has the largest full time population center in Columbia County. 

Running for re-Election -County Prothonotary - Barb Silvetti




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Running for re-Election - Register of Wills and Recorder of Deeds- Brenda Lupini



During her 2 terms as Register & Recorder, Ms. Lupini has made upgrades to the technology in the office including downloading decedent estates back to 1813 and is currently back scanning older deed books into the Landex system, making this information available to searchers in the office and on-line. Since August of 2016, Vendors can submit documents for recording electronically via E-Recording, reducing the amount of paper documents being received and also reducing postage necessary for mailing back paper documents. 

As always, customer service is of the utmost importance and the well-trained and experienced staff is key to keeping the office running efficiently. 

Ms. Lupini is seeking a 3rd term as Register of Wills & Recorder of Deeds. 



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Running for re-Election - County Auditor-Luther Black


   County Auditor

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County Commissioners, Town, Township and Borough Races (pdf)


Copy of 2019 School Directors CANDIDATES (Dems only)-for final addition to website (pdf)


PA Superior Court Election in 2019 (pdf)